Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to get Astro B’yond HD TV

Following several recent requests for information and issues regarding Astro B’yond HD channels we would like to clarify the situation:

There are 2 ways that you can subscribe to the services:
    Via the new central dish service provided by LS Ang
Details of the install process and costs can be found here: how to request Astro from LS Ang
Please note that the system installed by the developer provides SD pictures/channels only and cannot be upgraded.
After failed attempts to try to get Astro to install a new system free and contacting several contractors we found that the cost of a new system prohibitive.
In 2012 a 4 year exclusive agreement was signed with  LS Ang Audio Visual Trading to install a new Astro B’yond compatible satellite system.
LS Ang operate a model whereby they install a complete new system for very little cost to the JMB subject to an agreement for 4 years covering both maintenance and exclusive rights to installation so that they can recoup their investment in the new system.
Recently several illegal connections have been found whereby external contractors have connected the cables. In one case the HD box was connected to the old system which didnt work and in the other access to the riser was obtained and connection was made to the HD system.
LS Ang will be disconnecting their connection unless the appropriate fee is paid to them.
    Via Maxis
Our condo is full wired up for Maxis fiber and the Astro service is now available via Maxis
Please note that as per the house rules external dishes are not allowed and action will be taken against those who fail to adhere to them.

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