Friday, June 14, 2013

Debtors Update - 13 June 2013

The latest debtors report is now available for download here: 12/6/13 list of debtors by block

Over the past few months enforcement activities have taken place with action taken to incluude baring access to common services and commencement of legal action by our appointed lawyer.

Last week the management office team initiated action action against another 114 units after multiple warnings were given and ample time was given to settle outstanding bills.

The typical excuses for why people pay late seem to be:
  • I am away and I do not know on the matter
  • I am too busy and have no time to pay 
  • I did not receive any notices , hence you cannot blame me for not paying 
  • I forgot and if you see my payment record and I am always late for payment. Therefore you must know my style and should not take action on me why always target me and it is not fair 
  • I am an old man, why are you doing this to me 
  • I am broke so I cannot pay
  • I have paid all the money to the previous management on the opening sum balance but I cannot prove it as I don't have the habit of keeping a receipt, so you must write off all the debt 
  • I am a tenant and you should go after my landlord I paid all my water bill promptly (but not the service charges) and you cannot throttled my water
  • My unit is vacant with no tenant, you cannot penalised me 
  • I have money but I don't want to pay because I'm not happy with x 
  • I don't like my view because it looks out onto the car park

The management and their contractors are entitled to perform their duties without incurring abuse, threats, harassment or violence from residents and the JMC will support them seeking full police action for any breach of this.

Any disputes should be solved amicably as civilised adults and not with violence or threats.

All residents are reminded to check their statements and report any payments that may have been missed to the management office without delay.

In addition please ensure that you have provided your correct mailing address to the management office to ensure that the bills are sent to the correct location.


  1. wow..there are some with 10k or even 20k..
    wonder what action have been taken against them.

    1. anyone from MO can update if action has been taken against those 10k 20k defaulter?

    2. The blog is not maintained by the MO

      Legal action has been initiated against the worst offenders under the provisions of ACT 663

  2. I can't believe these are the excuses given by these people!!! even my kids can give a better excuse.