Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update to the Houserules

During the recent AGM several changes were agreed to the Houserules. As well as the changes listed below, updates were made to the wording to make it more explicit in many areas and hopefully prevent confusion and ambiguoity.

The main areas updated are as follows:

  • Explain moving in/out process + payment of a deposit
  • Details/changes on delivery and renovation hours
  • Limits on renovation work
  • Persons caught with pets/animals will be liable for a fine
  • Guidelines for burning rituals
  • Guidelines around private gardens
  • Guidelines for cycling, skateboarding, games in commons areas
  • Provision for visitors parking charge if required at a later point
  • Definition of common facilities
  • More clarity around actions taken for non payment of service charge
  • No smoking or alcohol consumption in the pool area
A copy of the revised houserules is available here: VWM_Houserules_rev1

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