Monday, July 18, 2011

JMC Meeting Minutes 2nd July 2011

Please be advised that the minutes of JMC meeting held on the 2nd July 2011 are now available on line here:  JMC Meeting 02/07/11


  1. Im wondering how come there is no serious discussion made regarding the facade cracks. Have if occurred to the management that it may be a structural crack. I would suggest that the management to write in to the Housing Ministry to check on the safety of the building.Im really2 worried about the cracks.If it is a structural defect than the lives of people staying in wangsa mas will be at stake. Kindly pay extra attention to this problem.

  2. I’m not sure of you attended the AGM but it was discussed.

    Dialogue between the JMC and the developer has resumed and the issue has been discussed. The cracks do not appear to be in the beams and are not deemed structural. The developer has used some different materials for the phase 2 repairs and is currently monitoring their effectiveness before agreeing the next steps.

    The outstanding issue we have is around liability for the cost of repairs for phase I because its outside of the warranty period. At the moment we are focussing on the accounts handover and once complete we will then pursue the building defect issues.

  3. Guys, in the next JMC meeting, can you guys discuss about how to be more strict with the following house rules.


    Exterior Facade of the Condominium

    a) For the purpose of maintaining the image of the Condominium, the
    exterior facade of the Condominium shall represent a uniform
    appearance. As such, occupants shall not allow any projections to
    extend through any door or window openings. No shade, awning or
    grille shall be used except those designs approved by the
    Management and should be fixed within the internal faces of the
    premises only. Installation of any shades, awnings or grilles to the
    external facade is not allowed. The Management reserves the right
    to dismantle/remove any unauthorized external fixtures and the cost
    incurred shall be borne by the Owner/Resident.

    b) Brooms, mops, cartons, notices, advertisement, posters,
    illuminations or other means of visual communication shall not be
    placed on windows, doors or passages so as to be in view from the
    outside of the apartment units.

    c) Occupants of apartments shall ensure that textile items such as
    clothes, towels and linen shall not be hung or placed in any areas so
    as to be in view from the outside of the apartment or common
    areas. In particulars, such textile items shall not be hung from poles
    which protrude through the windows or balcony of the apartments.

  4. Annie

    Thank you for the feedback. We will discuss but please note that action in this area is a long drawn out process. All suggestions/ideas are welcome.

  5. Do the mgt really believe when the developer promised to settle the cracks problem eventually? For how long? It should have been immediate - but the way they are dealing with it, it is SO obvious they are dragging their feet. They made the reassurance so that they can continue with their surrounding projects without hassle from the residents. They must have known about the banner thing and made the promise at AGM so that they can give false reassuarance to the residents. If they were really sincere they would have settled the matter quickly. Now you can notice the resumption of works around the suurounding areas right after the AGM.

  6. Both phase 1 and 2 are affected by the cracks. I dun see if the developer is using different materials.Phase 2 is not looking any better from phase 1. Btw if phase 2 is still under warranty why there isn't any work done. Just very ugly grey color cement to cover the cracks.

  7. How can we be rest assured that the cracks are not structural, is it just a mere statement from the developer? Has any independent professional engineer being hired to examine the building? If it is not structural, how come the cracks are still there even the developer has repaired it once? If it is only hair cracks it should has been ok the first time it was being rectified. As an owner I would like to have a written assurance from an independent professional engineer that the building is safe. The words of the developer is not a justified basis for us to feel safe. Look at the building and we should know what kind of developer they are.Leveraging on our money to make excessive profits. I believe that the material used is of no QUALITY hence the result is being visibly reflected through the facade cracks. I call for the owners of WM to look into this matter seriously. Its not just merely money that we are talking about. It is the safety of our families. Should the building collapse one day as like what happen to Highland Tower can the developer replace your loved ones? I would suggest for the rest of the owners to bring this case to the court so that we could together bring this developer down before others be cheated like us. Or the very least that we can do is to bring this matter to the media attention so that a more serious attention will be given to the matter.

  8. @Ross - The works you notice are due to an increase in dialogue between us and the developer. It’s true that promises have not been met in the past.

    @ Shikin - From our observations (SPM/JMC/Developer) the beams are not affected, just the covering over the lightweight bricks so it’s not structural.

    The visible lines in phase 2 are the result of the poor quality repairs which caused the cheap quality paint to fade or not stick correctly. In many parts of phase 2 the repairs have yet to be painted hence the grey lines.

    If the developer fails to rectify the cracks as promised then further action will be considered.

    Finally if you wish to volunteer your services to help address the cracks issue then please contact the JMC as per the blog instructions.