Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Car Clamping Issues

Last weekend our security company clamped several cars.

The next day it was discovered that both cars and the clamping sets had gone.

The management office have raised police reports and JPJ checks have indicated that at least of the cars belongs to a resident.

In addition to making the police report the management office will do their best to ensure that cost of the clamp, lock and fine is recovered.

In the mean time until this is settled we have requested that the following cars be banned from the car park.

Level P4
Level P2


  1. Has anyone from JMC found the it is weird the cars being clamped can be passing through security posts and the cars under clamped can be transported out from VWM legally?

    You guys should be investigating from the security guards on duty.

  2. Thank you for your feedback

    We believe that the clamp locks were cut and the offenders exited with a residents card or the cards lets them out.

    This is still under investigating and if any further details arise then they will be posted on here.

  3. Pls lodge a report on that offended resident!! TQ

  4. As per the blog artical a report has already been made

  5. What's the feedback from police so far? What action has been taken on the offended resident?


  6. The police investigation is ongoing and the resident has been billed for the costs.

  7. Can you please advise why is car registration no. PGJ5900 (Nissan Xtrail) parking at P1 next to Lot No. 129 which is a no parking/clamping zone? There are signs to indicate it because this lot is next to the electrical room. This vehicle has been using this space for quite sometime. Are we allowed to park in this lot? As far as I know, we are asked to buy extra parking lots if we need but why is this car allowed to park here then.

    Please advise. Thank you.