Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gym A/C


Please be advised that the air conditioning equipment in the gym will be switched off until further notice.

This is due to the urgent need to reduce costs and also in response to complaints from the majority of gym users who do not want air conditioning and then subsequently open the gym windows.

Yours Sincerely,



  1. Good move & well done.

    But pls shut down air con at lifts common area going towards parking lot. I noticed air-con was frequently switched on at Block B, P2.

    Its a wastage of resources. The air-con shouldnt be there in the first place.

  2. many thanks for your feedback.

    The a/c units are supposed to be switched off and the managment office has been informed of the feedback and will ensure that the units are switched off.

  3. Just to inform u tt yesterday around 6pm, the air-con was switched on again. I then off it myself. As I was staying in Block B, anyone I can contact to volunteer my help to the JMC?

  4. Many thanks for your feedback and we will ensure that the mgt office follow up on this.

    Please contact the JMC as per the blog instructions and provide some contact details. A commitee member will then contact you.

  5. I requested the air conditional to be switch on as per request. I am the resident who pay for the maintenance fee and no one have the right to remove the facilities I suppose to have.

    Management responsible to cut down the cost but must not affecting resident benefit or facilities they having.

    Now since like JMC blindly reducing cost by removing the facilities provided by developer without thinking a better solution.

    I am sad that the management had drop on the hand to JMC now.

  6. Hon,

    I'm curious to know how do you plan to cut cost without affecting services or facilities?

    Almost everything - contractors we engage, items we buy - they all cost money. To cut cost, we have to cut something or at the least reduce the volume or frequency.

    For example, we reduced the number of cleaners to cut on the cleaning bill. We wanted to cut the number of security guards (highest cost among all contractors) but didn't because of the existing security concerns.

    The fact remains that it was the residents (JMB) who voted not to increase the maintenance fees to a level which will allow us to break even. The mandate given to this JMC (2011/12) was to increase the maintenance fee to 15 cents per sq ft and reduce the gap by cutting costs. Even the sinking fund was not increased in tandem with the maintenance fee!

    We all have to live with the consequences of our actions. If we chose to cut costs then we must accept that some services will be stopped or the quality will suffer.

    If you have any ideas, please share with the JMC.

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  8. Sorry that I am not sure you involve in service management industry or not to you just think that the only way to cut cost is to reduce the service frequency/service quality/remove the service.

    As my opinion to cut cost is many way other than that or better than that. Example like to source for for cheaper supplier or better vendor.

    As you may say you are having a very good vendors that is engage with you now and their price is the cheapest you able to get?
    If the service tender is open?

    I am so disappointed you are asking me a question on "I'm curious to know how do you plan to cut cost without affecting services or facilities?" which you are suppose to be more professional than me...

    And I finally confuse on your word "If we chose to cut costs then we must accept that some services will be stopped or the quality will suffer." because when some services stop = we suffer...how can be "services will be stopped or the quality will suffer."

    Finally...the idea to solve the current issue is just switch on the air con when need, switch it off when not. This solution had been carry out since previous management, me, all gym users or maybe any one willing to think but too bad not from current JMC...and too bad that I had told management, Dr Kousay(Hope I didn't wrongly initial)about the solution but not accepted...

  9. Apologize that not clearly check on my spelling and grammars :P

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  11. Hon,

    I'm not in the service management industry but I do understand that you can source for alternative supplier/vendor to reduce cost. However, in our case we need to do everything possible since our deficit is quite big. So, we cannot just switch supplier/vendor but also stop non critical items especially those which are redundant or not necessary.

    FYI, you are the only resident so far who has requested to switch the aircond on at the gym. Other users want the aircond off. Therefore, even if money is not an issue, the aircond will still be switched off since the majority wants it that way.

    Some of the vendors/contractors we use are good and some are not. We are continuously evaluating all of them and if we find anything wrong, they will be replaced. If we find someone else who is better, we will use them instead of the previous supplier. All purchases and contracts are done in a transparent manner where the management source the quotes/proposals and then pass them to the JMC for approval. All decisions by the JMC require a vote and will only proceed if the majority agrees. If you for any reason doubt the honesty or integrity of the JMC you can request to inspect the accounts yourself. The only condition is you must be a member of the JMB (owner of a unit) with no outstanding balance. Further, as a member of the JMB, you have the right to get yourself nominated and elected to the JMC. That way you will be part of the decision making process and can ensure that things are done the way you like it. Please remember that for the next AGM. Many residents here like to complain but become very quiet during JMC election.

    I don't know why your are so disappointed with my question. It's a genuine question to find out if you have a better idea to cut cost without affecting the services. Are you suggesting that you can ask questions and make demands but nobody else is allowed to ask you questions?

    When we cut cost, we can stop/terminate a service or reduce it. For example, we can stop to have a contract for cleaning services and save RM 10k a month. Alternatively, we can reduce the number of workers by half so we only pay RM 5k a month. But, if previously they can collect rubbish 2x a week, maybe now they can only collect 1x a week. Since we cut the number of workers they are not able to provide the same quality of service as before i.e. quality of service suffers. I hope you understand what I meant now.

    As mentioned before, the majority of the gym users want the aircond off. Since this is in tandem with the resolution passed at the AGM in June (to cut cost), the aircond will remain off.

    If you feel strongly about this and want to switch the aircond on, please proceed the correct way. Maybe you can start a petition with the other gym users. If the majority now want the aircond on, we will switch it on. That is just one example of something you can do. Not paying your maintenance fee will only make you a defaulter and not improve things for the JMB.

  12. Dear Izhar Yusoff

    Thank you for explanation but I do not get the reason why other gym user requested to switch off the air con?

    Can you explain it here? I really like to discuss this and really like to know why other user able to advise to remove the facility which suppose to have by all Villa Wangsamas resident.

  13. Wah this Hon dude is a complete asshole and his no payment is making things worse. PPL like dis should go back to their gomen flats because they not smart enough for dis condo.

    I dont like gym aircon and will turn it if its left on.

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  15. Oh my god...Anonymous sabotage coming in with some dirty politician tricks :> while you come out with the fact.

    Word similar like holding the sword and said "You do not belong here, go back to your own country!!"

    Opps...additional information...only JMC knew that I refused to pay...come on...this trick is not working man :P

  16. I am one of the gym user. On my opinion, it's too hot and smelly with no aircond as the air inside the gym room is not well circulated. My suggestion is turn On the aircond when there is user in the gym room and turn it off when there is nobody in the room. Just like the library will do.

  17. I did make this suggestion during the JMC meeting but it had been rejected due to power wastage while the windows is open (Robert) without providing the aircond power consumption diff while the windows open/close, without providing black and white of complaint/request of resident (even tho Dr. Kousay did want to show me a photo with some 1 wearing full gear in the gym...and trying to tell me he/she is the one + Dr. Kousay him self)

    JMC did suggested to use a standing fan to replace the aircond. (Looks nothing different with aircond other than the power consumption)

    JMC mentioned that not all resident will turn off the aircond after using it and their security is not able to perform the patrol task to monitor the gym as previous management did.

    JMC (Dr. Kousay)believed is very difficult for every user to liaise or respect each other due to the aircond while using the gym even thou I told them I will...

    And JMC mentioned that is too much time used to discuss the issue but they will decide by 1 more week after receive the opinion from "all" gym user.

    Suggested every one provide your suggestion at the management office and please do write down you opinion or suggestion if option you trying to suggest is not in the form.

    Too bad that I am not suppose to be sit in the meeting (invited by Dr. Kousay but he didn't mention I cannot go thru entire meeting and so sorry I take too much of time) and I just want to remind JMC and management...please ask why resident refuse to pay the management fee, there must be reason for every one(Not including resident who are having financial issue)

  18. You clearly were not listening or chose to ignore the salient points mentioned in the meeting.

    We stated that we are performing a survey and once the results are back then we will formulate an action plan based on the findings. Fans and Air con have very different power consumption with fans usually being much lower.

    We always have a very full agenda and as a result the meetings run for many hours. We are always happy to try and find to speak to residents however in the interests of time and the fact that it was clear that you didn’t want to listen or accept what you were being told we had to move on to the other agenda items. Unfortunately due to sensitive nature of some of the issues on the agenda we were unable to accommodate observers.

    Please also remember that you are were reminded to pay your service charge on time and regarding reasons why people don’t pay there are many however payment is mandatory and action is being taken against defaulters.


  19. Thanks for your remind on my payment and so sorry that let you feel that I missed out some thing.

    Would you mind to tell me what I miss?
    And would you mind to tell me that any point other than my opinion that I mentioned is not correct?

    I really would like to apologize if wrongly bringing wrong information to every one.

  20. Dear JMC,

    Since had been 14 days as promised. May I know where can we find the result regarding resident opinion and what is the decision from JMC?

    And as mentioned on previous post:
    "Would you mind to tell me what I miss?
    And would you mind to tell me that any point other than my opinion that I mentioned is not correct?

    I really would like to apologize if wrongly bringing wrong information to every one. "

  21. Dear JMC,

    Sorry that I still not able to find the result. May I how is the progress?

  22. Mr Hom, apologies for the delay. The results very mixed and as a result the air con is available to use again.

    In addition due to the number of people who don’t want a/c we are looking into to installing some wall fans.