Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gate 1 VW Tag Update

We are pleased to confirm that following an extended test with a number of residents, the VW Tag lane and transponder solution at Gate 1 was a success.

Unfortunately as the final preparations were being made to launch this several lightning strikes occurred over a period of a few weeks which damaged the system along with other items at Gate 1. The repairs to the circuit boards can take in excess of a week, with the system in-operable during this time.

Gate 1 seems to encounter a disproportionally high number of power surges and owing to the impact and that this would have to the operation of the VW Tag system and to prevent damage to the other electrical items we are currently working to fit a heavy duty surge protector to the main distribution box at the guardhouse.

We apologise for the delay in commissioning the system however we must ensure that post commissioning the system is reliable for residents.

The JMC are currently awaiting quotes from several electrical contractors and will endeavour to expedite the works so that VW Tag can be launched.

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