Sunday, July 13, 2014

Audited Accounts Update

Several people have recently enquired as to the where they can get a copy of the yearly audited accounts which are submitted to the authorities.

Copies of the accounts are available on the blog site as follows as well as the management office.

Villa Wangsamas Management (Developer) 2009/10 Audited Accounts
Villa Wangsamas JMB 2011 Audited Accounts
Villa Wangsamas JMB 2012 Audited Accounts
Villa Wangsamas JMB 2013 Audited Accounts (in progress)

To again reiterate that owing to the AGM being held late Jan 2014 and the need for a auditor to be appointed for the previous year as well as the audit only commencing after the 2013 account period has closed (several months into 2014) and the audit process taking several more months the 2013 accounts the accounts were not available during the AGM.

The latest update is that the the JMC will receive a draft copy in the next few weeks and once approved a draft copy will be made available.

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