Friday, October 11, 2013

Caught on CCTV

Despite the installation of CCTV and notices advising people not to remove the plastic film in the lift its disappointing to see that these were not followed by somebody in Tower E.

In addition a person was seen in ripping down a sign in a Tower A lift and therowing it on the floor.

Please contact the Management Office or JMC if you have any information regarding the identity of these people


  1. Is there a way to identity which level they stop? This will be easier for the management to catch these culprits.

  2. dam, why are these people doing this! it does not benefit them~

  3. What the fuck is their problem?! Pardon my French. Curiosity kills the cat, kids. In this case, I hope curiosity kicks those mothertruckers' behinds. Maybe they're simply bored. maybe we can forward suggestions in the next AGM to put super loud metal music so that their elevator journey would be a fun and super enjoyable ride /sarcasmends