Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Building Manager

Ref. No: VWC/JMB/N/015-11
Date: 1 October 2011

Dear Residents,

The JMC are constantly reviewing the performance of the service providers employed at Villa Wangsamas to ensure that we receive value for money and the desired level of service.

Following multiple complaints about the management office over the past 9 months the JMC have been in extensive dialogue with SPM over the numerous open issues and stalled projects/improvements that are blighting us and have agreed a course of action which will hopefully improve things.

Effective 30th September Ms Lily Wong has been appointed as the Senior Building Executive for Villa Wangsamas. In view of this appointment Mr Akhtar Ayub Mohd Aslam has been transferred to another SPM site with immediate effect. The JMC would like to thank Akhtar for his services over the past 9 months and wish him well with his new appointment.

The JMC would like to welcome Ms Lily to Villa Wangsamas and wish her success in her new role.

H/P: 016-221-3399

Thank you.
On Behalf of the JMC,

Hirman Falani Bin Mohd Affandi


  1. I'm one of block C owner and feel disppointed about management, cause what the management told me with change the wall paper of lift and installed the CCTV inside the lift on July. And I ask management officer but everytime they tell me same story already send the quotation to JMC and aiting replied from them since July til oct. Initial management officer told me on July the maintenance is increase cos for better facilities, that's good start for resident here but til now I didn't saw any improved. Honestly he security is better the before. I hope the new building manager will look at it and take action as soon as possible. And most is important is wall of buidling please refer the person expect in this field else one villa wangsamas will list in dangerous building of kl. Have a nice day and hope villa wangsamas have better environment.

  2. The JMC asked for quotations and ideas to refurbish the lifts and the replacement wall paper option was all that was offered. This was rejected because it doesn’t look good and is too easy to vandalise. Unfortunately the JMC failed to receive any further quotations despite several requests. For the record we are expecting some new options to be presented in the next week or so however to set expectations the refurbishment of list interiors will be a costly project that may take a long while to complete due to very limited funds.

    The increase in service charge was due to the several factors being that it was set low by SHD, inflation and the general rise in running costs. This was communicated via the minutes and has been covered in the blog comments as well. Please note that at present we are seeing a deficit every month and are currently working on cost cutting measures.

    The developer is slowly fixing the poor finishing to the surface cracks and we are pressing them to complete the work asap

    We are hoping that with the appointment of a new building manager we will start to see improvements but it will take a little time for Lily to make the changes and for us to see the results.

  3. Good Day

    Thanks for your reply...I hope the villa wangsamas will getting better as a good residency environment.

    And I know management cutting cost just because the limited fund and many unit did not pay their service charges and utilities fees.

    As my suggestion should stop provide those bad debt(no pay more 3 month) unit water and electric, and bar their access card into villa wangsamas or using lift til clear their oustanding. I think most of resident agree what i said.


  4. I suggest that you read the previous post which cover this: