Thursday, February 19, 2015


Dear Residents

Further to our Notice dated 6 January 2015 on the above matter, we are pleased to share the following updates:-

Outdoor Visitor Parking at Phase 2

The Outdoor Visitor Parking at Towers A, B, C & D has now been fully restored.

Control measures and bay numbering have been put in place to improve management of the bays and these measures will be rolled out to all Visitor spaces over the coming weeks.

Please note that the 13 outdoor bays will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis.

phase 2 parking

If there is no outdoor parking available then Visitors will be asked to proceed to Gate 1 and then directed to park at P3.

Residents who wish their Visitors to park at these bays for special events or functions will need to make a reservation with Management. The Visitor’s name, residents contact details and details of the vehicle will need to be furnished i.e. the vehicle make, registration number and expected date and time of arrival.

Please be reminded that Visitor parking is for a maximum 48 hours only.

Visitors’ Vehicle Passes

Visitors’ Vehicle Passes for Phase 2 are now numbered and coloured to synchronise with the allotted bay and colour code of the parking area. On the reverse of the new passes is the Parking Bay & Tower Directions Map to guide Visitors to the exact parking bay and to the Tower they are visiting.

Residents are hereby reminded to collect their Visitors at the Tower Lobby.

New Passes for other Visitor parking areas will be implemented in the coming weeks.

Pick-Up / Drop-Off Parking Bays

Eleven (11) additional Pick-Up/Drop-Off parking bays at Tower entrances are now in operation – three (3) each between Towers A & B, C & D and H & J, and two (2) at Tower E.

Towers G & F will have several of the existing bays will be reserved for pick up and drop off.

A maximum time of 20 minutes is allowed, and the Tower Guards have been instructed to clamp vehicles that exceed the permitted time limit.

Further updates on other parking-related initiatives shall be shared in due course. In the meantime we call for your patience, understanding and support to enable us to complete the parking improvements.

Thank you.

Villa Wangsamas JMC

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