Tuesday, February 24, 2015

January 2015 Debtors Report

The latest debtors report as of 31 January 2015 is now available for download here: 31 January 2015 List of debtors by block.

We are pleased to highlight following continuous enforcement work over the past 6 months the debt level is decreasing and is now at the lowest level ever. Nevertheless there is still a lot of work to be done and we are determined resolve the issues with debtors.

All residents are reminded to check their statements and report any payments that may have been missed to the management office without delay.

We are also noticing some residents who request a payment plan to clear their debt become bad paymasters again after a 1-2 months and the Management Office will take swift enforcement action action against those who try to play the system.

Currently there are several major disputes owing to sub sale issues whereby an outstanding amount wasn’t settled during the sale process and they have now found that they are liable for any sums owed.

Any sums owed are attached to the unit and not an individual so it will not be possible for the JMB to either write it off or commence recovery proceedings from a previous owner.

Last year a unit owner took a previous owner to the small claims court over the sub sale debt issue and won the case. Following this judgement the JMB understands that other owners in a similar situation are now considering this course of action.

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