Thursday, January 29, 2015

Contacting the JMC

During the last AGM the JMB members in attendance elected a total of 10 JMC members. Following the resignation of 2 council members in 2014 there are currently 8 serving JMC members and their details can be found on the blog site. 

JMC members are parcel owners and all of the current committee reside at Villa Wangsamas. The role of the JMC is voluntary and unpaid and the VW JMC receive no allowance unlike some JMC’s.

If you don’t personally know any JMC members then there are several ways to contact them:
  1. Email to: Please ensure that you include your name and unit number in the correspondence 
  2. Write to them via the Management Office
  3. Contact the Management Office and request their assistance in setting up a meeting 
Some JMC members from time to time try and participate on social media sites such as Facebook however formal complaints and feedback must be sent to the JMC via the official channels.

The JMC value all constructive, objective feedback so it's imperative that the correct channels are followed otherwise comments on Facebook etc may not receive the response required.

Thank you for your cooperation