Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gate 1 Revised Traffic Flow Plan

Following the recent update on proposed traffic flow change at Gate 1 we received feedback that the plans were far from optimal. The number of options available are limited owing to bomba requirements stipulating a 6m wide entrance which means that we are unable to simply place a car reader in the middle between lane 1& 2.

Over the past few months several options were looked at and the wake of the feedback received the JMC have decided to amend the plan which will provide optimal traffic flow.

We will be installing a long range card reader in lane 1 which will require the use a transponder in the car to open the barrier. The concept will be similar to the SMART Tag system used at the tolls in Malaysia.

tag plan
Residents wishing to use the lane will be required to purchase a transponder from the management office which will come with a different type of access card which is heat resistant and fully compatible with all card readers at Villa Wangsamas.

The final pricing is still being worked out however the transponder, card & card printing will available at cost price of less than RM100 per piece.

Residents who do not wish to use a transponder may continue to use lane 2 which will retain the existing card reader.

Subject to a successful implementation then installation at Gates 2 & 3 will be considered for later in the year.

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