Sunday, August 16, 2015


Dear Valued Residents,

Please be informed that a recent break-in occurred at Block D - Level 10; whereby the burglar managed to get in through the wet-kitchen window and stole quite a lot of valuable items such as cash and electronic gadgets.

In view of this, we urge you to be more alert when leaving your Unit, and to take precautions in making sure all windows are locked properly and, do use heavy duty pad-locks for the front-gate and door too, in order to minimize it being picked open. Lastly, do advise and ensure that your visitors and/or, contractors comply with the registration procedure upon entering Villa Wangsamas Condominium at all times, to prevent such incidents recurring.

Thank you for your attention and action.

For and behalf of the Villa Wangsamas Management Corporation.

The Management.

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