Sunday, September 7, 2014


We have received numerous complaints that some Residents are inconsiderately and irresponsibly throwing all sorts of rubbish out of their units. On many occasions cigarette butts, drink cans, plastic bottles, used tissues, condoms and food wrappers have been found on the roofs of the main podium entrances, the driveways and pavements all over the premises and even on the balconies of units below.

These inconsiderate and irresponsible actions need to STOP IMMEDIATELY as they have incurred unnecessary inconvenience, anger and frustrations of Residents of units below, and could also pose danger to the safety of lives.

Section 13.1d of our House Rules states “Residents who are caught throwing rubbish from their units (either through the doors, windows, balconies or yards) will be held liable for any damage caused to neighbouring units or to units on the lower floors. A fine of RM200 will be imposed”. 

Kindly take note that henceforth the Management will impose the fine without any further notice on Residents who commit such actions. 

To further enhance our efforts to stop this uncivilised and intolerable behaviour, the Management have informed the Security and the Cleaners to inform us of any units that are breaking this House Rule. Moving forward, we would also like to seek the cooperation of all Residents to help us identify these culprits. Persons of such offensive nature need to be identified, reported and penalised. We will publish their particulars on all notice boards and the blog, and lodge a Police Report as their actions are tantamount to serious offences punishable by law if they result in anyone being injured, incapacitated or killed.

Your cooperation is vital in this effort. It is only with your commitment to assist that we can together make Villa Wangsamas an environmentally clean and safe haven to come home to and to live in. We encourage you to keep your cameras handy. Catch them in action; together, we can stop them!

Thank you.
VWM Management Services
For and on behalf of Villa Wangsamas JMB

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