Sunday, November 3, 2013

Surau Upgrade Proposal

One of the key facilities that should have been provided by the developer was a Surau for our large and active Muslim community.

For the past few years the JMC have provided a temporary solution by allowing use of one the small meeting rooms next to the gym. Unfortunately this is now far too small and offers no segregation for females.

Our Surau committee recently submitted a petition for a larger space to be allocated and this is supported by the JMC.

It is proposed that the wall between the Surau and the meeting room be demolished to provide a much larger space. In addition to this the current GYM door will be relocated opposite the cafeteria.

The library on the 1st floor of the clubhouse has been closed for several years owing to constant misuse and with the closure of the current meeting room this will be converted to a meeting room/office.

A drawing of the proposed new Surau layout is available here: New Surau Plan

This proposal will be formally submitted to the JMB at the next AGM for all members to vote on.

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