Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vandalissm and Throwing of Objects

Ref. No: VWC/JMB/N/012-11
Date: 19 September 2011

Dear Residents,
There has been cases of vandalism and throwing of objects out of balconies happening at our condominium.

Vandalism cases have typically involved children of residents who were not supervised by their parents.  Any damage to property as a result of vandalism will result in the repair costs being born by the residents concerned. We ask all residents to ensure that their children are properly supervised at all times to help prevent vandalism and injury occurring.

Please note vandalism is a serious issue and the security company have handed previous culprits over to the police.

We are continuing to see cases of people throwing items out of their balconies (cigarette butts, tissue papers, plastic etc). This is not only dangerous but also totally uncivilised. Part of the requirement of living in a community is to follow the rules and be considerate to your neighbours.

The management will not hesitate to take necessary action against those found to be throwing items out of their balcony.

If you have any queries regarding this matter, please contact the Management Office via:
Tel: 03 - 4149 7233
Email : vwangsamas@gmail.com
Thank you.

On Behalf of the JMC,

Hirman Falani Bin Mohd Affandi


  1. Those caught committing vandalism should be severely reprimanded.
    I would also like to highlight that the gym also needs some monitoring. Children who are unsupervised come and use the equipments and damage them. The guards could extend their roundings to the gym and ensure that these children are escorted out of the facility.

  2. i agree with ieja. guards should do rounds at the gym as i've seen (many times) children playing with the equipment. some users are also insensitive and ignorant by not wearing shirts and smear these equipment with their disgusting sweats.

  3. I agree but at the moment we need more guards but I'll pass the feedback to the managment office and the Gym commitee to see what can be done.